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Training Course

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IPWS One & Two Day party wall training course
Full One-day party wall training course £685.00
Full Two-day party wall training course £985.00

Theory and Practice with Certification including 1 years full IPWS membership fee
Date: Friday 24th April 2020
Time: 10.30am -  4.30pm
Location: West Midlands

Theory and Practice with Certification including 1 years full IPWS membership fee
Date: Friday 22nd May 2020
Time: 10.30am -  4.30pm
Location: London

CPDs (London-Midlands-Warwickshire-Northampton-Manchester-Canterbury)

Section 10 resolution of disputes (dates to be arrange for April/May 2020)
Serving notices (the process)
Types of notices (Sec 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6)
The appointment of surveyors
The Award & Schedule of condition
Party Wall Act case laws
Going it alone!!
Rights of access
Sec 8 of the Party Wall Act 1996

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Train as a Party Wall Surveyor
Resolving party wall disputes
Excellent rates from £55 hourly to £225!!!!!

Become a member of the Institution for Party Wall Professionals

Upcoming Courses: West Midlands, London, Manchester, Northampton, Canterbury, Warwickshire, Wales.
Full day party wall training course £685.00
Full two day party wall training course £985.00
Date / Time: To be confirmed.

Course Trainers:

Immediate Past President of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers

Mike Lilford Bsc MRICS FIPWS

Tony Copeland PhD MA DipEng PGCE FIPWS ACABE

Amritpal S Sagoo Director of Education and Training

Margaret Jeffers-Carter Building Control Consultant and Lecturer for IPWS


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Outline of Training Seminars

1) Introduction to Party Wall Act - explanation of statutory duties to serve notice options upon receipt of notice - duties to appoint surveyor - roles of surveyors - advice on which aspects of the Act apply - preparation and service of an Award - purpose of an Award.

2) Third Surveyor selection - explanation of the Third Surveyor selection/role – duties of surveyors to notify owners – purpose of the Third Surveyor options under s.10(10) for the Third Surveyor referrals.

3) Nuisance and inconvenience – explanation of rights to compensation for any inconvenience and nuisance – rights to request security of expenses – obligations of surveyors to notify owners of statutory rights.

4) Special foundations – explanation of special foundations – why they are unique – right of s.7(4) veto – basement construction – issues regarding trespass, nuisance arising out of special foundations.

5) Surveyors costs – obligation to pay costs by building owner – reasonable fees – duty of each party to deal with matters expeditiously – minimise costs – schedule of condition – benefits – costs.

6) Rights of access – explanation of when rights of access flow from the Act where rights of access do not flow – rights to claim for licence for rights of access – over sailing licences and other trespass and compensation.

7) Notifiable works – s.1, s.2 & s.6 works – why they are notifiable – what you have to do – how you have to do them – how you have to give notice to ensure compliance with the Act’s validity.

8) Non-responsive recipient of notices - statutory obligation to s.10(4) notice – duties to appoint surveyors – process – procedures – dealing with and moving forward with party wall matters.

9) Enforcement of costs re civil debt in Magistrates Court – procedures for recovering fees when not paid by a party by the surveyor through the Magistrates Court – benefits as opposed to County Court.

10) Appealing an Award – explanation of what you need to do if you are unhappy with an Award including whether it is deemed valid – 14 day notice period and/or declaring a declaration of invalidity.

11) Bespoke seminars can be arranged and tailored to suit clients goals.

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